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What Do I Look For When Choosing A Rehab?

Deciding to seek treatment for a substance use disorder ignites the complex and sometimes problematic journey to achieve sobriety. First, choosing a rehab center for a loved one or yourself can be challenging, with many obstacles. With so much on the line and many treatment centers, pinning down the ideal center can feel impossible. It is essential to organize a plan and listen closely to the advice of the professionals. Nevertheless, every effort can prove fruitful, and many opportunities and resources are available to find help and direction in the search.  

It is beneficial to begin the decision process with a professional assessment, and diagnosis can pave the road for listing the treatment services necessary to achieve the individual recovery goals. Visiting a doctor and determining what substances are in use and the physical and mental health conditions that are present lays the foundation to build a list of treatment goals.

Search Online for Treatment Centers

Location is an essential factor in your online search words. Prepare with paper and pen after deciding the location or area to search for. Selecting the correct search terms is vital to finding the centers that meet the criteria. Choosing a rehab can be overwhelming, so stay patient while sorting through the initial list.

After listing a few centers, read the “about” and “tour” pages to get a feel for the center and understand its mission statement and goals. Don’t give up. The US Department of Health and Human Services found that in 2021, 94% of people aged 12 and over with an SUD did not receive any treatment. 

Use similar search terms for best results: 

  • “Rehab centers near me.”
  • “Treatment centers for substance abuse.”
  • “Rehab centers near (name of city or state).”
  • “Addiction treatment options in my area.”

Ask For Recommendations

Weighing out the options for location, detox, and further treatment can begin to take form once you know the needs. From the beginning, the treatment plan must include detox and evidence-based therapies to achieve goals to build confidence and a sense of pride in achievements. 

For those who have a trusting relationship with a physician or mental health professional, it can be helpful to ask for recommendations. Friends and family may have heard good things about a treatment center and could share the name to investigate.

Listening to the good and bad can be beneficial when screening the centers found online. Check for available websites for any center found through a referral and read all the reviews and comments available online to get a feel of how other patients feel about the center and their experiences. 

Joint Commissions and CARF Accreditations

Quality treatment with the required certifications and accreditations is essential in the final choice of centers. The Joint Commission lists state agencies that recognize certifications and accreditations for treatment centers. Licensure and certification information is available through their resources.

Licensure depends on standards for approval and certification. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is the only entity approved by the American Society of Addiction Medicine that certifies substance use disorder treatment services. 

Treatments, Accommodations, and Services

Detox programs are an essential component of any treatment program. When choosing a rehab, It is crucial to find programs with 24/7 medical management during detox with an option to utilize medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Services are another critical component to evaluate. For treatment options after detox is complete, determine what kind of therapy will meet the individual’s needs.

A safe and clean environment is vital for detox to be successful. Checking the amenities to meet personal standards will reduce anxiety and fear of the facility. Ensuring the staff is friendly, respectful, compassionate, and caring can offer peace of mind through a challenging process. Compare centers to see what amenities are available for the services the patient requires. 

Costs of Treatment

The cost of treatment is the most stressful factor of the recovery process. Not many people understand their insurance benefits, which causes additional anxiety. The cost of rehab is the most significant factor in choosing a rehab. The admissions office of the treatment center is the most knowledgeable entity in the treatment center regarding insurance coverage. 

Factors that can affect the cost of rehab include the following:

  • Location
  • Programs and services
  • Amenities
  • Additional services
  • The length of stay

If insurance is not an option, most treatment centers can discuss their available financial options for self-funding, loans, and payment plans. For some people, their employer may offer programs to assist with treatment costs. Contacting human services for information on potential benefits may prove fruitful. With flexibility in program options, an affordable treatment plan is typically possible. 

Help is Available When Choosing a Treatment Center in Georgia

Recovery can be successful, and the goal of seeking treatment to live a sober lifestyle is achievable. The Retreat of Atlanta provides a wide variety of treatment options in the hopes of providing addiction treatment for those who need it. The staff offers understanding and compassion while you make difficult financial choices.

Call The Retreat of Atlanta for assistance in determining insurance benefits or programs to assist with treatment costs. 


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