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Rehab Admissions Process in Georgia

The Retreat of Atlanta understands that the first step toward healing can be the most difficult part. Asking for help can be scary. For that reason, we make sure getting admitted to our program is easy. Our compassionate rehab admissions team will put patients at ease with our smooth process. 

Furthermore, we learn about a person’s specific needs for treatment. With this in mind, we create the perfect program. Our caring, expert team of recovery professionals will help everyone through every step of the admissions process. In addition, they will answer any questions.

    How Does The Rehab Admissions Process Work?

    Starting the admissions process for detox can feel intimidating. Many people are afraid it will be a long, difficult process. As well, they may fear it will prove to be embarrassing. 

    That being the case, we make our admissions process quick and simple. We want to make people feel at ease and never judged. Then, we want them to get the help they deserve quickly. 

    For the purpose of this, we have 3 simple steps in our admissions process:


    When someone calls, we begin with a brief phone assessment. This allows us to see if our program is the right fit. Additionally, it gives them a chance to ask any questions they have. As a result of both, we can figure out the perfect treatment plan to help them get sober.


    We explore their options for payment. This includes insurance, private pay, and payment plans. Treatment is an investment in health and a sober future. What they pay now will save money down the road. This includes a new ability to recommit to a career or education. 

    As well, a person’s physical and mental health improves as a result of treatment. This saves money and suffering in the long run. Once approved, we set up an admissions date and time. This can happen quickly, which allows them to start getting better right away. 

    Next, we will advise someone on what to expect when they arrive. Along with that, we will provide them with the information they need before arriving. This includes what to pack and what paperwork they’ll need. Additionally, we’ll provide an overview of what their schedule will be like while they’re our guest.


    When a person arrives, their friendly admission counselor will greet them. Then, we will provide they with a full orientation. As a result, they will understand what their stay with us will be like. We will perform assessments for both their physical and mental health. 

    Doing so helps us anticipate possible medical and psychological needs they’ll have during detox. Thus, we can prepare to offer quick help for any issues that arise. Indeed, their detox will be more comfortable as a result of the admissions process.

    Begin Your Treatment Today

    Your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life starts here. The Retreat of Atlanta’s caring professionals are committed to providing individualized treatment that respects your unique needs. Reach out now to secure your place in our supportive community and take the first step toward a brighter future.

    Financing Drug & Alcohol Detox

    When it comes to going to rehab, the first question many people have has to do with money. They wonder how they will pay for detox. In fact, the expense is the most common reason people don’t look for addiction treatment. With this in mind, we can quickly answer their questions about the cost of getting well. 

    First, we check insurance to see if it provides coverage. To be honest, many people don’t know that most insurance plans cover rehab. Insurance companies understand that drug and alcohol addiction are medical problems. Consequently, they usually cover detox, inpatient, and outpatient programs. 

    We can help answer questions about how much their plan covers. As well, we can help them understand information about the forms they need to fill out. Therefore, they get the ball rolling more quickly. Because of this, they get the help they need faster. 

    Secondly, if insurance is not an option, we can still help. As a matter of fact, we have a variety of payment plans. Our admissions counselors will consider their specific financial situation. Then, we will help them decide what the next step should be.

    How Our Detox Program Works

    During their initial call, we will explain how our detox program works. Additionally, we will go over it when they arrive for admission. As a result, they will begin treatment knowing what to expect. We provide several types of therapy proven to help with addiction. 

    They include:

    We also offer treatment for co-occurring diagnoses. This means having not only an addiction but also at least 1 mental illness. They can include depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and more. Then, they will be assigned a case manager during admission. 

    They will assist them with issues related to their recovery. These can include career, educational, and legal concerns. Case managers act as a partner in their recovery process. Patients can count on them to offer advice and hold them accountable. Because of their help, the recovery process becomes easier.   

    Begin Your Rehab Admissions Process

    The Retreat of Atlanta knows deciding to get sober can be scary. In addition, they may be unsure of where to turn for treatment. We understand how to help people become healthy. As a result, we provide detox for alcohol and drugs that changes lives. We make the admission to detox simple. 

    Because of this, they can start addiction treatment quickly and smoothly. Contact us now and let us help you take the first step to a life of sobriety.

    Begin Your Treatment Today

    Take The First Step Towards Your Journey To Recovery