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The Retreat of Atlanta provides medical detox and inpatient care designed to take a person from the disease of addiction to a life of recovery. Fortunately, our Georgia detox program offers evidence-based treatment coupled with comfortable amenities. In addition to these features, our compassionate staff and hands-on approach help people struggling with substance use disorders overcome their challenges.

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Your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life starts here. The Retreat of Atlanta’s caring professionals are committed to providing individualized treatment that respects your unique needs. Reach out now to secure your place in our supportive community and take the first step toward a brighter future.

Georgia Addiction Statistics

When taking into consideration the entire metro Atlanta area—which encompasses several counties—this region of the state has about 6 million residents. The city of Eatonton provides a multitude of options for activities and places to visit. Some of these include a thriving performing arts community, parks, outdoor activities, shopping, and world-class restaurants. Additionally. residents enjoy rooting for local sports teams, including both the Falcons and the Braves. Despite all the positives this urban gem of a city has to offer both residents and tourists, it is not immune to the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction

Revealing statistics for Georgia and the Eatonton area show that the number of lives affected by substance use disorders proves alarming. In 2018, prescriptions for opioids were written for 63.2 out of every 100 Georgians. By comparison, the average rate for the country is 51.4 prescriptions per 100 people. To further elaborate, over 60% of drug overdose deaths in Georgia involved the use of opioids in 2018. As a result, there were 866 deaths that happened because of it. Sadly, heroin-related deaths rose to just under 300 in 2018.

Unfortunately, deaths involving fentanyl increased by more than twice from 2019 to 2020 in Georgia. In fact, in 2020, fentanyl contributed to the death of 803 Georgians. The 4 main metro Atlanta counties, which consist of Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, and Gwinnett, experienced fentanyl-related deaths that nearly doubled or tripled the number of previous years. Furthermore, in Fulton County alone, 83 people died from overdoses involving fentanyl in 2020. Recently, the coronavirus pandemic contributed to a rise in people abusing drugs and alcohol and seeking treatment for it. Consequently, since the beginning of the pandemic, an 18% increase in those seeking help for their addictions took place in Georgia. 

outside of our facility in Atlanta, Georgia

What is Detox in Georgia Like?

The first step towards long-term sobriety involves undergoing detoxification. This process allows an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol to rid their bodies of the toxins that built up during their addiction. The Retreat of Atlanta provides a medically supervised drug and alcohol detox experience. We find it helps remove some of the fear and uncertainty people feel when they enter rehab. Therefore, we built our Georgia detox facility to assist clients in taking the first step toward rehabilitation. 

Our patients work with a support team trained to help them through each step of their detox process and beyond. First, our patients’ stay with us begins with an intake session. This session allows us to further evaluate their addiction and design a plan that works for their individual needs. Secondly, we address any withdrawal symptoms they experience by providing needed medical and psychological support to help them. Fortunately, someone’s stay with us allows them to remove themselves from the pressures of the outside world without sacrificing the comfort of being in a home environment. 

We provide hands-on care in all areas so patients feel at home. They’ll be able to relax and recover in our private, comfortable rooms and enjoy delicious, nutritious food. Patients will also find support from both staff and other residents who understand the challenges that beginning recovery provides. We’ve created several safe, welcoming spaces in our Georgia detox facility, including both private and semi-private bedrooms. Additionally, we also provide private and group therapy rooms, common areas to socialize with others, and an exercise room.

Services Offered at Our Georgia Detox Program

As part of a comprehensive substance abuse recovery program, we offer the following treatments:

Trauma-focused therapy

Trauma is a common underlying cause of addiction. Our targeted workshops allow you to learn about the role that past trauma can play in addiction.

Expressive therapy

Sometimes, talking about feelings and emotions can be challenging. Expressive therapy allows you to create art as a way to convey your feelings when you can’t think of the right words. 

Motivational interviewing

It is important that you have your own reasons to enter treatment and begin recovery. Motivational interviewing (MI) helps you discover why recovery is important to you.

Family therapy

A supportive family can make a significant difference in recovery from addiction. We work with your loved ones to show them how to support you effectively after you’ve completed detox.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective, evidence-based treatments for underlying mental health symptoms co-occurring with addiction.

Co-occurring diagnosis

Substance use and mental health disorders often co-occur, and symptoms of both disorders are similar. Treating both conditions at the same time yields the best outcomes for recovery. 

Benefits of Detox in Georgia

Several benefits come from taking part in our Georgia detox program that many other facilities do not provide. We don’t apply cookie-cutter approaches to detoxing. Instead, we learn about you and your specific needs and create a program based on our findings. Any withdrawal symptoms that occur can be treated with medications and therapeutic support. As a result, this benefit allows people who receive it to complete detox and stay sober longer than those who try to detox alone.

The Retreat of Atlanta helps you get to know yourself in a way that not only aids in your treatment but provides lessons that last after you complete our programs. Through our therapy programs, for instance, our patients learn what contributed to developing an addiction. In addition, our patients discover how to address existing challenges, and how to avoid relapse after they return home.

In addition, we provide family counseling that gets your loved ones all on the same page when it comes to how to help you. As a result, the counseling repairs damaged relationships, strengthens communication issues, and teaches everyone how to set healthy boundaries. Then, when you finish our detox program, we set a plan in place for the next step in your treatment. We understand how important staying in treatment for the long haul is when it comes to staying sober. Lastly, we determine what choices for your subsequent treatment work best and help you set them up.

Georgia Detox for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you are ready to take the first step toward rehabilitation, the Retreat of Atlanta can provide the help you deserve. Our detox program allows you to get through the detoxification process with trained medical help that eases any withdrawal symptoms. Visit our admissions page to get started on making this the year you change your life.

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