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Group Therapy in Georgia

Group therapy in Georgia provides opportunities for participants in it that can help in multiple ways. Additionally, many treatment programs, both residential and outpatient, offer group therapy in order to allow individuals to come together to offer support and receive valuable advice. Moreover, the Retreat of Atlanta understands the value of group therapy and how it assists its participants in healing from addiction. Thus, we are available in Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah to name a few to help those who need our services.

Our Group Therapy in Georgia Program

Group therapy takes place in a private room and the discussions are led by a trained therapist. Then, the therapist encourages members to talk about their struggles and difficult feelings they have. With this in mind, the goal isn’t to pressure someone who may not be ready to open up fully. Instead, it’s to help people move out of their comfort zones conversationally.

As a result, this helps them learn that sharing with others can be safe. As a benefit, this can result in feeling the needed support they can take with them outside of treatment. The therapist will then ask questions and give input to help the members solve their problem. In addition to these skills, they will learn healthy coping skills. Members learn to rely on each other, provide insight to help each other, and receive constructive input from others. This helps each person become comfortable discussing issues related to addiction and mental health in a safe, open forum.

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Types of Group Therapy

Group therapy in Georgia consists of comprehensive choices to benefit everyone. Options for group therapy include:

  • Expressive Therapy: Patients participate in an expressive practice of their choosing, such as drawing. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to share and discuss their work with each other. This allows them to express themselves and channel their feelings into a creative project they enjoy.
  • Trauma Focus: This program assists patients in dealing with past traumas. They discuss their traumas, how they have limited them and contributed to their addictions. As well, they learn how to move past them in a positive manner.
  • Motivational Interviews: Patients in this program talk about how to develop the characteristics that help them resolve their current and future issues.
  • Family Therapy: This type of group counseling session is for a patient and their family members and other loved ones. In fact, this helps them repair past damage, communicate openly, and work together to help the individual stay strong in their sobriety.

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Who Needs Group Therapy in Georgia?

People who struggle with socializing and communicating with others can benefit greatly from group therapies. Furthermore, they become more self-aware by listening to other people with similar issues as well. To add, there are no judgments and criticisms passed on to others during these sessions. Therefore, this allows everyone to feel comfortable discussing their personal experiences.

Group therapy can be excellent for people who deal with several trying situations, including addiction to drugs or alcohol. Other populations who benefit from group therapy include those who deal with the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Other mental health diagnoses
  • Domestic abuse
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Difficulty communicating

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy in Georgia treatment can provide the following advantages:

  • Group support: Group sessions help you understand that you are not alone in your struggles with addiction. Having others to help celebrate victories and think of ideas to solve challenges helps everyone move forward in their recovery.             
  • Motivation to tackle life challenges: Seeing others challenge themselves to get better and succeed in conquering addiction issues can further motivate each individual to work hard in their own recovery.
  • Learning that you are not alone: Many people dealing with addiction and mental health conditions feel they are the only person with these problems. Nevertheless, group therapy in turn shows them that their challenges happen to many people and reduces the shame they may feel.   
  • Improved social and communication skills: Addiction often results in people isolating and having difficulty communicating. Group therapy helps people become comfortable being among peers again and learn valuable communication skills.               
  • Learning more about yourself: Seeing life through the lenses of other people can help you learn more about who you are as well as what goals you’d like to achieve. 

Our Georgia Group Therapy Program Principles

The Retreat of Atlanta follows a set of principles that guide our therapy programs. We use these as part of how our therapists communicate with the group members in order to maximize the benefits of each session. Our group therapy in Georgia principles are:

  • Installation of Hope: First, this principle allows hope in a person’s life helps them maintain a willingness to stay open to their treatment and be willing to fully heal.
  • The Interpersonal Learning Principle: Second, we guide the group members so that they are open to receiving feedback as a source of learning about themselves. Thus, they also feel comfortable offering feedback in order to help others learn via interpersonal skills.
  • Connection and Universality: Third, people who share a commonality of dealing with the same issue often form a bond with each other. As a result, this universal connection helps them relate to each other during sessions and with others outside the group.
  • Development or Redevelopment of Ideal Social Techniques: Last, but not least, group therapy can help participants feel more in control of their lives by learning valuable social skills.
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Begin Group Therapy in Georgia

The Retreat of Atlanta offers detox for drugs and alcohol, hence putting you in control of your life again. We additionally provide individual therapy and accept insurance plans like TRICARE and PHCS to help you address the causes of your addiction. Thereafter, our skilled therapists also guide you in group therapy to allow you to take advantage of peer support. We find it helps to get support from those who understand the struggles you experience.

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