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Gender-specific substance abuse treatment can help men tackle unique issues in recovery with like-minded peers. Detox for men is the first step in recovery from addiction. We understand detox is vital, and The Retreat of Atlanta offers gender-specific treatment options for men and women struggling to overcome addiction.

Men and Substance Abuse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “men have higher rates of use or dependence on illicit drugs and alcohol than do women.” Men engage in different behaviors that leave them susceptible to substance abuse. In addition, there are other behaviors that men do not do, which creates issues regarding substance abuse and emotional health.

Examples of factors that influence substance abuse among men include:

As a result of these factors, treatment for men is crucial to dealing with substance use disorders. Gender-specific treatment centers can help men deal with unique issues surrounding substance abuse and mental health.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Detox for Men

Gender-specific detox for men helps men get a chance to open up in a way that they might not share in gender-mixed groups. Our men’s detox program in Atlanta provides a tranquil environment conducive to healing where men can be surrounded by their peers. Secondly, men can feel supported by others who share similar struggles of being a man with a substance use disorder.

For example, from a young age, men are told not to show weakness. When they are able to speak freely with other men in recovery—such as group therapy—men are more likely to succeed. However, men are also less likely to display vulnerability and helplessness in the presence of women. Therefore, without truly opening up, men in recovery can continue to struggle with emotional health issues.

Additional benefits of gender-specific detox for men include:

Men Supporting Men, Introduction to a Men’s Therapy Group

How Long is Detox for Men?

Men’s detox typically lasts 1 to 2 weeks. The acute phases of detox occur over about 1 week, though you might need more time due to factors unique to your addiction. Generally, withdrawal symptoms will begin within hours after someone stops drinking or using. Fortunately, these symptoms will peak within a few days then decrease in intensity.

Common withdrawal symptoms include:

Severe withdrawal symptoms can occur for some men, including:

During medically-assisted men’s detox, someone primarily deals with the physical symptoms of withdrawal. However, mental health symptoms can linger for a few weeks or months. Entering a rehab facility after detox can help manage these symptoms and succeed in long-term recovery.

What Happens After Men’s Detox?

After attending a men’s detox program in Atlanta, it’s important to continue treating the addiction. Often, addictions are rooted in underlying issues, like trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or other mental health concerns. Fortunately, for those wondering what happens during detox, there are several options for continued drug and alcohol rehab after detox.

Rehab options for men include:

Most men will progress through each level of care until they feel comfortable maintaining their sobriety with minimal professional support. Thus, treatment programs can be tailored to suit your needs, with telehealth options and varying levels of supervision.

Overcome Addiction at Our Men’s Detox Program in Atlanta

The Retreat of Atlanta offers detox for men struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Through our men’s detox program Atlanta, you can gain the tools necessary for lasting recovery. While individuals stay at the detox facility, they will experience a serene and restful detox process under the care of our medical and nursing staff. To add, our facility is staffed 24/7 by professionals trained and experienced in detox and addiction treatment. We offer different health plans like Tufts and accept TRICARE and PHCS insurance plans.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, visit our admissions page to begin recovery today.

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