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What Is The New ISO Drug?

In recent months, a new drug with terrifying side effects has found its way onto the black market. Called “isotonitazene” but commonly referred to as “ISO,” this drug is a synthetic opioid. First created to mimic the effects of drugs like oxycodone and fentanyl, the ISO drug can be even more lethal. Due to its potency, most medical providers have concluded that the ISO drug is unsafe. In addition, there are much safer options to treat pain and other health issues.

That being said, ISO became a popular recreational drug and many black market manufacturers cut their substances with ISO. Possibly even stronger and more lethal than fentanyl, ISO is quickly becoming a nightmare for both its users and their families. Learn more about the ISO drug and you may be able to help save a life.

What is the New ISO Drug?

The ISO drug is a potent derivative of etonitazene, a synthetic opioid. Opioids are drugs derived from the opium of the poppy plant and are highly addictive pain killers. Commonly abused opiates include oxycodone, oxycontin, and heroin. Like real opiates, synthetic opioids work on the opioid receptors in the brain. Producing similar pain-reducing effects to natural opiates, synthetic opioids range in strength and potency but are highly dangerous, potent, and addictive. 

Originally developed in the 1950s, ISO was quickly shelved for being more potent than other common opioids of the time, as well as much more dangerous. The re-surfacing of ISO could stem from crackdowns on fentanyl production in recent years. Similarly potent, users are replacing fentanyl with the ISO drug. 

As of 2022, an estimated 50 Americans lose their lives every month as a direct result of an overdose on the ISO drug. As drugs such as fentanyl continue to gain attention through the media, drugs like ISO may slip under the radar. While fentanyl crackdowns continue, ISO will most likely become more and more popular as a dangerous alternative street drug. By recognizing the signs of ISO dependence, you can help get yourself or your loved one the help they deserve. Giving someone the opportunity to take back their freedom from drug dependence could save their life.

Dangers of the ISO Drug

As a synthetic opiate, ISO comes with many dangerous side effects in tow. First, the risk of accidental overdose is extremely high, as the ISO drug is difficult to correctly dose. Many users have reportedly overdosed after only one use, most likely not knowing how potent the drug is. Experienced users also run the same risk of accidental overdose, as most have no way of knowing how strong the ISO drug is or how it will affect them.

Aside from overdose, the ISO drug’s side effects include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Respiratory failure
  • Vomiting
  • Coma
  • Stroke

Unlike many other commonly misused substances, the dangers of ISO do not depend as greatly upon the length or volume of the drug used. First-time and experienced users alike run nearly the same exact risk of dangerous side effects, hospitalization, and even death.

How to Treat Addiction to ISO and Other Synthetic Opioids

While addiction can be extremely challenging, there is hope. Every day, thousands of Americans decide that now is the time to take control of their addiction. It is vital to remember that, especially with a drug as unpredictable as ISO, a solo withdrawal can be very dangerous. Going through the withdrawal process alone is never recommended. 

In order to give yourself the best opportunity for success, you need a support system to help. With the proper support, the withdrawal process becomes not only safer but much easier to endure as well. It is highly recommended to seek out medically supervised detox programs with experienced staff to give yourself the best possible chance at a smooth recovery.

Begin Rehab for ISO Drug Addiction in Atlanta, GA

Here at Retreat of Atlanta, we are waiting with open arms to help you every step of the way during your recovery journey. Located in Eatonton, Georgia, we offer a unique drug and alcohol rehab experience with an opportunity to start again. Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center removes stressors and possible triggers that may prolong your recovery process. By doing this, we mitigate the risk of relapse and give you the tools necessary to make a lifelong change. 

Our staff of professionals understand the complexity of addiction and its negative effects. During our treatment programs, we strive to give each and every one of our clients the opportunity for a new lease on life. You deserve to be free from the hardships of drug and alcohol abuse. There has never been a better time to reclaim your freedom from drug and alcohol dependency. Visit our admissions page today, and take the first steps in your unique recovery journey.

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