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Drug Addiction and Treatment for Professionals

Drug Addiction and Treatment for Professionals

Being a professional can be extremely stressful. From long hours, deadlines, and high-pressure responsibilities, for many the stress can be overwhelming. Professionals include individuals who work as doctors, lawyers, nurses, pilots, business professionals, and many other careers. 

There are many professionals who can handle the stress and anxiety that comes with these professions. However, for some, the constant pressure can cause them to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. Drugs and alcohol release good chemicals in the brain. This can help to manage stress in the beginning, but in the long run, it’s extremely harmful.  

At the Retreat of Atlanta, we understand the high levels of stress, pressure, and anxiety that come with a high-profile professional job. We provide addiction treatment for professionals. 

Why Do Professionals Become Addicted to Substances?

Working and balancing life, in general, can be stressful. Regularly and effectively performing job duties and maintaining personal relationships can cause anxiety no matter what career they have. However, these stressors are heightened in many professional careers. Professions such as attorneys, pilots, and healthcare professionals have significant responsibilities and pressure to perform.

Pilots and healthcare professionals in particular are responsible for the lives of other people. This can be a lot to take on. As a result, professionals can turn to drugs and alcohol to relieve anxiety, and stress, to fall asleep at night, or help with chronic pain. 

Doctors and nurses tend to have significantly higher addiction rates. This is because they are responsible for the lives and well-being of their patients. In addition, they also must work extremely long hours and make important decisions. Healthcare professionals also have access to drugs which makes it easier for them to become addicted. 

These professionals also understand how drugs work. As a result, they try to mimic the feelings of euphoria produced by them. 

Signs of Addiction in Professionals

It can be difficult for family and work colleagues to recognize if a professional has an addiction. This is because many professionals learn how to be highly functional despite their addiction. These individuals are oftentimes able to maintain their careers and family life while addicted to drugs and alcohol. It can take a while for anyone to notice that there is a problem with addiction. 

Here are some common signs of addiction in professionals:

  • Falling asleep while working 
  • Anxiety about working overtime 
  • Taking a lot of bathroom breaks
  • Glassy eyes or small pupils 
  • Smelling like alcohol 
  • Erratic or unusual behavior (i.e. more agitation)
  • Lower work ethic 
  • Making mistakes they typically wouldn’t make at work

How Does Addiction Affect Professionals at Work?

Addiction can have terrible effects on anyone, however, with professionals, the negative effects of drugs and alcohol can cause havoc in the workplace. For example, a healthcare professional may not be able to properly function during a medical procedure where the patient’s life is dependent on the procedure going well. Those who work with data or on computers may be less detailed oriented, making careless mistakes. Other professionals can be extremely tardy on a regular basis, or miss work entirely.

Rehab for Professionals Battling Addiction

Professionals have unique treatment needs. A professional needs a private and secure environment where they can detox and heal while simultaneously having access to their work laptop and phone to maintain the reputation of their business. 

The following is critical when caring for a professional overcoming their addiction:

  • Privacy for the patient.
  • The ability to access work online.
  • Treatment from professional medical personnel.
  • Medically-assisted treatment for the patient.
  • The cooperation of the person’s workplace in allowing time off.
  • Short-term treatment that is intensive and highly focused on recovery.
  • Giving the professional the right tools to leave the detox center equipped with the skills and coping mechanisms to adapt to normal life again.

Executive Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Executive addiction programs are often very private. This is because professionals need a private and exclusive location to undergo their recovery journey. Many professionals can not simply walk away from their professional responsibilities.

Despite this, Executive treatment facilities allow professionals to complete their work responsibilities online. While this is allowed, the individual is encouraged to use most of their efforts to detox and heal. Executive addiction programs are effective because they allow professionals to maintain the integrity of their business while focusing on healing and detoxing

At the Retreat of Atlanta, we offer Executive treatment. We provide:

  • Group therapy rooms 

Group counseling allows patients to connect with a network of people who have shared similar experiences.

  • Spaces for small groups 

There are multiple areas for patients to connect with and meet new people. 

  • Private therapy rooms 

Individual therapy can help to navigate past traumas and find the underlying cause of addiction. 

  • Exercise rooms

Physical health is just as important as mental health. Physical exercise has positive effects on mental health. 

Rehab for Medical Professionals

Thankfully, despite being at higher risk for addiction, medical and other professionals have high rates of rehabilitation success. When these individuals are willing to receive help through treatment, they are highly motivated to recover. Professionals are often used to success, as a result they know how to use their efforts and drive to achieve and maintain a long-lasting recovery. 

Professionals in a detoxification program are allowed to relax and switch off from the responsibilities of their profession while undergoing treatment. In addition to Executive treatment, patients reap the benefits of a medical detox. This particular detox is needed to help a patient safely achieve recovery since withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening if not properly managed and monitored.

Get Started With Recovery For Professionals

At The Retreat of Atlanta, we offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment for professionals. We understand the unique treatment needs that professionals have. Professionals often face high-stress and high-pressure situations daily. These factors can cause them to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the day-to-day stress and anxiety they face in their jobs. 

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction, contact The Retreat of Atlanta to start your recovery journey.

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