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Drug Addiction and Treatment for Professionals

Drug Addiction and Treatment for Professionals

Being a professional is hard work and long hours, deadlines and the extreme pressure of continued responsibilities can lead to a lot of anxiety and stress. Professionals include people who work as lawyers, doctors, nurses, pilots, and business executives just to mention a few. While some professionals can handle this type of stressful environment some may have hit rock bottom and are battling to deal with the stress of their jobs. Unfortunately, sometimes a professional may turn to alcohol or drugs to help them ease the stress and anxiety of the job that they are in. Drugs and alcohol are used to induce feel-good chemicals in the brain which in turn assists the professional to cope with the stresses that they are facing in their everyday lives. Keep reading to find out more on Drug Addiction and Treatment for Professionals.

While alcohol and drug use may make things seem a little better in the beginning, the user will start to need more and more for the body to receive the same feel-good effect that it did when the drug was first used. This is when addiction occurs.

Retreat of Atlanta: Professionals Treating Professionals

Even if you are a professional and have studied and worked hard all your life the chances are that you are not going to be able to tackle drug or alcohol addiction alone. While it takes motivation and dedication to change your ways, medical experts are also needed so that you can detox and recover from the addiction safely.

Different facilities cater to different types of clients and have different amenities. There are typically differences in the standards of treatment available as well. Some only provide outpatient care, while some are residential drug recovery facilities.

However, if you believe your addiction is serious enough to necessitate medically induced detox, The Retreat of Atlanta’s drug addiction recovery program might be the best fit for you.

Patients enrolled in residential drug recovery services, also known as “inpatient “, programs, live at an addiction treatment facility full-time while receiving treatment.

You will build all the skills you need to see you through a successful recovery when you are given the guidance and care of a caring, professional team like the one in the residential addiction treatment services at The Retreat of Atlanta.

Doctors and Nurses: The Highest Number of Addiction Rates

It is not surprising that Doctors and nurses contribute to one of the highest addiction rates in the professional workforce. As professionals, they must deal with many hurdles and are ultimately responsible for the health and lives of other people under their care.

The stress of this combined with having to stay awake for long shifts, making important decisions about the health of their patients, and experiencing sickness and death can cause stress and anxiety that can lead to addiction to hide any emotional pain that they are experiencing.

Doctors and nurses normally have access to drugs making it a lot easier for them to create an addiction to certain drugs as they are freely available.

They also understand how the drug works and want to try and mimic the sensation of euphoria by taking the drugs that are normally prescribed for their patients.

The good news, however, is that although the number of doctors and nurses suffering from addiction is high, they also have a higher rate of success when it comes to recovery. The reason for this is that they understand addiction and the risks associated with long-term addiction.

Click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VBFitLzNjY to find out more about addiction in healthcare workers.

Signs of Addiction in a Professional

As a work colleague or family member, there are several symptoms to look out for when it comes to addiction in a professional.

Sometimes these symptoms can be a bit harder to recognize as many professionals learn how to become highly functional alcoholic or addict and are still able to maintain their career and family life for a while before people start to notice that there is a problem.

Some of the most common signs of addiction in professionals are:

  • Changing workplaces frequently
  • Falling asleep while working
  • Anxiety about working overtime
  • Frequent bathroom breaks

  • Small pupils or glassy eyes
  • Smelling of alcohol
  • Less work ethic
  • Making mistakes that they would not normally make

How Addiction Can Affect Professionals in the Workplace

No matter what kind of professional you may be, addiction to alcohol or drugs is going to cause havoc in the workplace. A lawyer that is addicted to substances may not be able to maintain the ability to keep up with the fast pace of a courtroom while fighting for a client’s rights. An addicted medical professional is at higher risk of not being able to function during a medical procedure.

And if that does not scare you enough, imagine a pilot addicted to drugs causing a whole plane to go down due to an accidental overdose or a bad side-effect of the drug that they are using!

Click on https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2020/03/12/560903.htm to learn more about the statistics of pilots who are suffering from substance abuse.

How to Treat Professionals who are Battling Addiction

Luckily, in most states, there are treatment facilities and programs that are specifically designed to cater for and treat the professional by giving them a fresh start to life and resuming business as usual.

Programs that are offered to professionals usually entail guiding the professional through recovery and helping them to learn to avoid triggers once they are back in the workplace. Discretion is very important, and programs are made to help the professional recover without having to lose their license or their practice. Many aspects need to be considered when treating professionals for addiction.

These aspects need to address the following:

  • How the professional is going to be able to restore his reputation
  • Helping the professional to keep his problem with addiction as discrete as possible
  • Helping the professional to keep his problem with addiction as discrete as possible
  • Helping the professional to keep his problem with addiction as discrete as possible Helping professionals how to avoid triggers that could arise in or outside the workplace.
  • Encouraging the professional to participate in a long-term monitoring program.
  • Ongoing after-care.

What is Required to Tackle Addiction in The Professional

Whether you are a normal working person or a professional, alcohol and drug addiction is usually too difficult to be tackled without the help of medical professionals together with the desire and motivation of the patient to turn their lives around.

Recovery Facts

1.) When it comes to life-long recovery there is going to have to be a life-long commitment by the patient to transform their lives and look after their health.

2.) Medical Detox is often needed to help a patient achieve recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely difficult to manage and can even become life-threatening if not properly managed.

3.) The patient who is following a detoxification program is monitored 24 hours a day and detox can last anywhere from 3 to 5 days and sometimes even longer depending on how severe the patient’s withdrawal symptoms are.

4.) Professionals wanting to detox will be given a dedicated team of competent and caring professionals who will go out of their way to ensure the best outcome for their patients while keeping them safe and comfortable.

5.) Professionals who are undergoing a detoxification program are also allowed to relax and switch off from the stress of the profession so that both their minds and bodies can start to heal.

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs Designed to Treat Professionals

A professional person needs a private and secure environment where they can detox and heal while at the same time have access to their work laptop and phone as much as needed to maintain the reputation of their business.

These components are critical when caring for the professional who is overcoming their addiction:

  • Privacy for the patient
  • The ability to access work online
  • Treatment from professional medical personnel
  • Medically Assisted Treatment
  • The Co-operation of the persons workplace to allow the patient time off
  • Short-term treatment that is intensive and highly focused on recovery.
  • Giving the professional the right tools to leave the detox center equipped with the skills and coping mechanisms to adapt to normal life again.

At the Retreat of Atlanta, we have worked hard to create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for our drug and alcohol recovery center program site. Detox is a difficult time. You should be able to relax and heal in both body and mind as you begin your recovery. We have both private and semi-private bedrooms at our location, so you can feel comfortable and protected. We have a variety of spaces where you can communicate with others and focus on your recovery, in addition to private rooms.

The Difference Between Standard and Executive Addiction Treatment

Standard inpatient addiction facilities are private and require patients to attend treatment for a specific length of time while remaining on-site with limited access to friends, family members, and personal items such as cell phones and laptops.

Co-operation with the patients and their workplace in a standard treatment facility is also not allowed in most standard inpatient treatment programs.

Executive Inpatient addiction programs are often even more private as many professionals require the assurance of an exclusive location in which to undergo treatment.

Many professionals cannot simply just walk away from their work responsibilities completely.

Executive treatment facilities allow professionals to log online to do their work duties. Although this is allowed the professional is still encouraged to focus most of their attention on their detoxification and healing.

At the Retreat of Atlanta, we understand that when you are a professional you want more than anything to heal your body, mind, and soul to get back to your profession.

We Offer:

Group Therapy Rooms

During group counseling sessions, you’ll find a network of help from people who have been through similar experiences.

Spaces for small groups

We have multiple small areas for you to meet new people in our common areas.

Private Therapy Rooms

Individual therapy will help you move through past trauma to consider the underlying causes of addiction.

Exercise Rooms

As you heal in both body and mind, wellness is critical to your recovery.

How Does an Executive Rehab Program Work?

Executive rehabilitation programs work by giving the professional a higher level of treatment together with seclusion and a variety of treatment offerings. This of course all comes at a cost, and most professionals can cover their stay in an executive rehabilitation center.

Most professionals cannot simply step away from work for an extended period even if they need long-term treatment to ensure recovery. Executive rehabilitation programs exist purely to help professions get the treatment they need at a pace they need without sacrificing their business.

The Retreat of Atlanta is a stand-alone medical detox and inpatient hospital. You should feel at ease in our addiction treatment center location because we are neither a hospital nor a “lock-up” facility.

 In both our peaceful atmosphere and our evidence-based substance abuse treatment program, we support healing, rehabilitation, and long-term recovery for professionals.

Private quarters, fitness and leisure opportunities, delicious meals, and areas for you to relax and interact with others are only a few of the amenities available at our facility. If you are a professional and you are ready to start the road to recovery, contact The Retreat of Atlanta right away.

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