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Boofing Drugs and Why it is Dangerous

One of the signs of drug addiction is a raging desire to get high as quickly as possible. This is why it’s wise to visit a drug rehab center or seek the help of a medical professional at the early stage of drug dependency. When drug addiction goes beyond its early phase, addicts often begin to find it challenging to wait for the normal duration at which hard drugs take effect on them. They want to get high now! So they begin to devise unconventional means to administer these hard drugs into their system for quicker intoxication. There are numerous intravenous methods that addicts adopt to achieve rapid sedation, but we’re particularly concerned about another form – boofing drugs.

What is the term, “Boofing Drugs”?

Boofing drugs, aka plugging drugs or butt-chugging, is the process of administering hard drugs into the body through the anal cavity to get high quickly. Boofing drugs takes advantage of the fact that the anal walls are made of sensitive tissues with concentrated blood vessels and capillaries all around them. These blood vessels make it easy for drugs or alcohol to easily get into the bloodstream for immediate effect.

Inserting alcohol or drugs through the anus results in faster intoxication when compared to oral consumption. Because of that, addicts often begin boofing hard substances like meth and cocaine. They also boof concentrated alcohols by taking them up with a rubber syringe and squirting them into the rectum. Another alcohol boofing method is dipping tampons into vodkas and inserting the already-soaked tampons into the anus. For ladies, they may opt to boofing drugs through the vagina. Boofing drugs are dangerous for the anal and vaginal walls. They’re detrimental to the body’s health in general. The side effects can be very damaging for individuals who find themselves hooked to this practice of substance abuse. Do not hesitate to visit a drug rehabilitation center when at this phase of drug addiction. No matter the level of drug dependency, all hope is not lost. You should still contact a medical professional and seek help.

Why is Boofing Drugs Dangerous?

The simple idea of administering hard drugs into the body through the anus or vagina, just for quick intoxication, is quite bizarre, if not weird. And while boofing drugs may seem like fun or a wild adventure to experience, it is hazardous for the body.

It Destroys the Rectum and Intestinal Walls

The simple fact that the rectum is made of sensitive tissues with concentrated blood vessels shows how delicate it is. Administering hard drugs or alcohol through the rectum destroys these sensitive tissue membranes. One of the resultant effects of these damages is bloody stool due to wear and tear. This wear and tear may be due to the inability of the intestinal walls to withstand solid bowels and eject hard poop. Another effect of a weakened rectum is the inability to restrain oneself at the slightest signs of wanting to poop. So patients suffering from these side effects will find themselves always wanting to use the toilet.

Boofing drugs also travel beyond affecting the rectum into the intestinal walls. It limits blood flow to parts of the intestine and affects food digestion. Another danger that results from rectal wall damage is the risk of being easily infected with STI.

Increased Risk of Drug and Alcohol Overdose or Poisoning

When suffering from drug addiction, the solution is not to look for a much quicker way to get easily intoxicated. That will result in deeper practices of substance abuse. The solution is to fix the excessive desire for intoxication. This is why we recommend visiting drug detox centers for medical help.

The fact that boofing drugs get people intoxicated at a faster rate makes it even more dangerous. The oral consumption of drugs or alcohol allows you to control the dosage and measure the rate of intoxication. But boofing drugs doesn’t allow for such control. It exposes patients to the risk of drug or alcohol poisoning. And because these hard drugs get into the bloodstream faster, alcohol poisoning may be difficult to stop in events of danger.

The Retreat of Atlanta Helps with Boofing Drugs

Are you or your loved one struggling with addiction? Has it gone as far as boofing drugs such as alcohol, cocaine or meth? Do you know someone who’s suffering from alcohol or drug poisoning? The Retreat of Atlanta is equipped with both the facilities and medical professionals that help addicts gain recovery. We have detox and recovery program that will help you achieve total sobriety. We also have treatment therapies that make the rehabilitation program comfortable for patients.

To learn more about our drug rehab programs, contact us today. Our team of professionals is waiting to hear from you and guide you on your journey towards detox and recovery.

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