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Augusta, Georgia Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources

Augusta, Georgia, is a vibrant city in Richmond County that seamlessly blends Southern charm with modern amenities. Known worldwide for hosting the prestigious Masters Tournament, Augusta boasts a rich history and a thriving arts and culture scene. Residents and visitors enjoy strolling down the picturesque Riverwalk, where the Savannah River flows gently alongside historic buildings and lush greenery. From Southern cooking to international cuisine, warm hospitality, beautiful parks, and a calendar full of events and festivals, Augusta leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it. However, like any thriving city, Augusta has its fair share of hardship. Fortunately, our Augusta, Georgia drug and alcohol addiction treatment resources can give you the tools necessary to achieve lasting wellness and successful recovery from dependency.

Augusta, Georgia Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Resources. Aerial view of Augusta, GA.

Substance Abuse in Augusta

With a population of just over 200,000, Augusta is no stranger to the ravages of the ongoing opioid epidemic. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, there were 2,390 drug overdose deaths in Georgia in 2021. Of those deaths, 71% were opioid-related, and 57% (1,379) were due to fentanyl.

Substance abuse remains a significant issue in Augusta, Georgia, mirroring national trends. As of the latest available statistics from 2022-2023, substance abuse continues to be a pressing concern in Augusta, Georgia.

 Additionally, the Georgia Department of Public Health, Richmond County, reported a rate of approximately 291 drug overdose deaths per 100,000 population.

The most commonly abused substances in the area include alcohol, opioids, and methamphetamine. Opioids, in particular, have been a major contributor to overdose deaths. The COVID-19 pandemic has added to the challenges, with increased stressors and social isolation potentially leading to higher rates of substance misuse. 

In 2020, Augusta University launched the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project (ASAPP) in partnership with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and local partners. ASAPP aims to combat the risks associated with substance abuse among Augusta’s adolescents and young adults.

Further efforts to address substance abuse in Augusta include Augusta, Georgia, drug and alcohol addiction treatment resources such as education, prevention programs, and improving access to treatment and recovery services.

Recovery Resources in Augusta

Thankfully, Augusta, Georgia, Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Resources are plentiful. Recovery resources offer various services, including detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient programs, and counseling. 

The state of Georgia and the city of Augusta provide community resources such as hotlines, helplines, and online directories that individuals can access to find information on Augusta, Georgia, drug and alcohol addiction treatment. 

Some of the many Augusta, GA, drug and alcohol treatment resources  include:

 Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL)

The Georgia Crisis and Access Line (GCAL) is a 24/7 behavioral health crisis intervention and access hotline available to all Georgia residents. It provides immediate support, intervention, and access to behavioral health services for individuals experiencing mental health crises, substance abuse issues, or developmental disabilities. 

Trained counselors and clinicians staff the hotline to provide confidential assistance, referrals to local resources, and crisis intervention services. GCAL serves as a central point of contact for anyone seeking help for themselves or someone else experiencing a behavioral health crisis in Georgia. 1-800-715-4225

Sober Living America

Sober Living America (SLA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supportive housing and resources for individuals recovering from substance abuse and addiction. Founded in 1993, SLA operates residential facilities in various locations across the United States, offering a safe and structured environment for individuals transitioning from addiction treatment programs back into the community.

The organization’s mission is to empower individuals in recovery to rebuild their lives, establish healthy routines, and develop the skills needed to maintain sobriety long-term. Sober Living America’s programs typically include housing, peer support, counseling, life skills training, employment assistance, and access to community resources.

Georgia Overdose Prevention

Georgia Overdose Prevention offers naloxone to individuals at elevated risk of overdose and their families. Additionally, naloxone is accessible at pharmacies throughout Georgia without needing a personal prescription and is typically covered by most insurance plans.

Georgia Council on Substance Abuse (GCSA)

The Georgia Council on Substance Abuse (GCSA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the impact of substance abuse in Georgia through advocacy, education, and collaboration. Founded in 1993, GCSA works to raise awareness about substance abuse issues, promote prevention efforts, and improve access to treatment and recovery services across the state.

Furthermore, GCSA collaborates with various stakeholders, including government agencies, healthcare providers, treatment facilities, advocacy groups, law enforcement, and community organizations. The goal is to address substance abuse issues comprehensively. GCSA seeks to maximize the impact of substance abuse prevention and treatment initiatives across Georgia.

In addition, various support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training), hold meetings in Augusta. These meetings provide peer support, encouragement, and accountability for individuals in recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Resources in Augusta

The Retreat of Atlanta offers comprehensive detox services in Augusta designed to help individuals safely and comfortably rid their bodies of harmful substances. All programs are supervised by medical professionals who provide round-the-clock care to manage withdrawal symptoms and ensure a smooth transition to the next phase of recovery.

Seeking detox services is crucial for anyone struggling with substance abuse, as it sets the foundation for a successful recovery journey. By undergoing detox in a supportive environment like Retreat of Atlanta, individuals can begin their path to sobriety with confidence and determination.

A man utilizes Augusta, Georgia Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Resources to aid in his recovery.

Augusta, Georgia Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resources

In the fight against addiction, having the right support and treatment can make a world of difference. The Retreat of Atlanta offers hope to adults battling drug and alcohol addiction, conveniently located close to home. As a leading treatment center, it specializes in a comprehensive approach to recovery, starting with medical detox and extending to aftercare planning.

Client-Focused Care

At The Retreat of Atlanta, our client’s well-being is paramount. We specialize in tailored addiction treatment for adults grappling with substance use disorders. Understanding that each recovery journey is unique, we create individualized treatment plans to address specific needs.

Detoxification Programs

Detoxification stands as a critical initial step toward addiction recovery. Our facility provides 24/7 medically supervised detox programs, ensuring clients’ safety and comfort throughout this crucial phase. Our dedicated team supports individuals through physical withdrawal while also addressing any underlying mental health concerns.

The Importance of Detox

Detox is essential for eliminating addictive substances from the body and establishing the groundwork for long-term recovery. At The Retreat of Atlanta, our medically monitored detox programs cater to clients’ immediate physical needs and attend to the emotional and mental aspects vital for stable recovery.

Therapeutic Approaches

Acknowledging the intricate nature of addiction, we offer a range of evidence-based therapeutic services. These include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, and family counseling. These modalities equip clients with the tools needed for sustainable recovery.

Comprehensive Treatment

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment encompasses medication-assisted treatment (MAT), group therapy, and individual counseling. This comprehensive method fosters a deeper self-understanding, enhances coping mechanisms, and promotes enduring recovery.

The Retreat of Atlanta’s dedication to addiction treatment underscores our profound understanding of the challenges faced by those battling substance abuse. Through specialized programs and individualized care, we not only treat addiction but also empower individuals to reclaim their lives.

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Have you reached a point where you or a loved one need professional help for an addiction? The Retreat of Atlanta is here for you in addition to Augusta, Georgia’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment resources. Our goal is to make sure that anyone who needs drug or alcohol treatment near Augusta, Georgia, gets it. 

Our drug and alcohol detox facility will help the client overcome their struggles with drugs and alcohol. We accept most insurance plans. 

Lastly, if you don’t have insurance, you may inquire about alternative addiction treatment methods for yourself or your loved one. We’re here to help you through the process from start to finish. Contact us through our admissions page today.

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