Women's Detox Center

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Women's Detox Center​

Women's Detox Center

At The Retreat of Atlanta, we understand that managing addiction requires as many different methods as there are addicts. The medical profession long ago dismissed the idea that there is a single “magic bullet” treatment that works for all. 



We make it a point at our residential addiction recovery program to customize each treatment program to the specific needs of each patient. Our gender-specific rehabilitation services are one of the most notable — and important — ways that we individualize our care. Among them is our women’s detox center in Georgia.

Men and women have different patterns when it comes to substance addiction, according to researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It’s no wonder that these physicians, therapists, and addiction counselors came to this conclusion. We understand that each person requires a unique treatment plan. 

As a result, it’s not surprising that gender is one of the variables that influences addiction. This is why finding a good women’s detox center is so important.

Advantages of a Women's Detox Center

As previously mentioned, there are many distinctions between men’s and women’s perspectives on substance addiction. These differences include how men and women start using drugs and alcohol, how they disclose it, their access to quality care and probability of seeking treatment, and their reasons for relapse. 

With these considerations in mind, our women’s detox program has some benefits over non-gender-specific detox programs. Among the benefits are:



  • Patients can communicate and help each other more openly and honestly in therapy sessions.
  • Reduced Sexual Tension. Sexual Tension is one of the most common distractions in therapy, and the absence of men helps women to concentrate on their rehabilitation.
  • A more developed and extensive support system, which is critical for preventing relapse later in recovery.
  • Treatment options that focus on the physical and psychological problems that women dealing with addiction face

A women’s recovery program could be the best option for you if you’re not sure if you’re ready to go to rehab.

Considering a Women’s Detox Center

When you are choosing a women’s detox center, make sure to consider the following factors:

Frequently Asked Question

Why Women’s Detox?


In-patient detox treatments are very effective in taking out the drugs from your system. A gender-specified detox center can be highly beneficial for women as well as men. It creates a space of comfort where each patient can indulge in proper self-care with the presence of clinical professionals


After a Women’s Detox: What Comes Next?


After a detox treatment for women, you can expect group or individual therapy sessions according to your needs. These therapy sessions can help to strengthen patients to handle future life challenges. 


Moreover, if someone is suffering from an underlying mental disorder, such therapy sessions can help to deal with those issues.

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When you’re ready to reclaim your life from drugs and alcohol, you owe it to yourself to do so in a supportive, open, and compassionate environment. That’s where our women’s detox center’s caring, professional medical staff comes in. Every woman’s experience with substance abuse is unique. However, by tailoring a program to your specific needs, we will ensure that you have the resources you need to conquer your addiction and reclaim your life. To learn more, please contact us by calling us at 762-366-0100. Get started on your recovery today.
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