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Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Do You Struggle Addiction in Georgia?

Every day, more than 40 million people in the United States struggle with addiction. The vast majority of those who need medical assistance will not seek it from a substance abuse treatment program. However, anyone who has tried to leave on their own knows how tough it can be. At the Retreat of Atlanta, we’ve created a sober-living residential addiction treatment program that emphasizes ongoing care, transparency, and all of the resources you’ll need for long-term recovery.

But the reality is that not all drug recovery services are created equal. Different facilities cater to different types of clients and have different amenities. There are typically differences in the standards of treatment available as well. Some only provide outpatient care, while some are residential drug recovery facilities. However, if you believe your addiction is serious enough to necessitate medically induced detox, The Retreat of Atlanta’s drug addiction recovery program rehab in Georgia might be the best fit for you.

What are Residential Addiction Treatment Programs?

Patients enrolled in residential drug recovery services, also known as “inpatient” programs, live at an addiction treatment facility full-time while receiving treatment. Medical assistance is available at sober-living facilities including The Retreat of Atlanta. Detoxification is one of the first steps in the treatment process for patients. You will build all of the skills you need to see you through a successful recovery when you are given the guidance and care of a caring, professional team like the one in the residential addiction treatment services at The Retreat of Atlanta.

What are the Advantages of Residential Addiction Treatment Programs?

What are the Advantages of Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug treatment services may be suitable for certain people. You will choose to live at home in an outpatient facility, which is more flexible and gives you more flexibility. Many people suffering from addiction, however, need a more structured atmosphere and transparency than an outpatient program can provide. This is why residential drug treatment is a safer option for people who have more serious addiction problems, co-occurring mental health issues like depression or anxiety, or who have previously tried and struggled to get sober.

For example, as you stabilize and continue to develop the support network you will need later in your recovery, you will be constantly watched and cared for in our sober living drug and alcohol rehabilitation center program. It also means you can get away from the outside world’s causes and pressures that have fueled your addiction. In a nutshell, residential addiction treatment allows you to concentrate on what really matters: your recovery.

In our residential drug recovery services, you’ll also have more — and more rigorous — treatment options than you would in outpatient treatment. The longer you stay in our care, the better prepared you will be for the day that you are ready to return to society. This is due to the fact that you will be able to apply what you have learned. These are some of the programs that we offer at our effective addiction treatment programs:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Expressive therapy
  • Trauma-focused treatment
  • Motivational interviewing


Cognitive-behavioral therapy


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a popular psychological treatment that aims to strengthen a person mentally to enable them to handle their present difficulties. 


Group therapy


Group therapy is a session of a professional therapist treating a group of people together to establish communication between people with similar issues. 


Family therapy


Family therapy is great if your family has suffered from a member with addiction. It involves members of families and a therapist to lead the conversation. 


Expressive therapy


Expressive therapy helps a patient who finds it hard to express themselves by using creative and artistic forms of communication like music, dance, etc. 


Trauma-focused treatment


Addiction can be resulted or fastened by trauma and that is why trauma-focused treatment helps individuals with handling grief caused by past traumatic events.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the difference between inpatient and residential treatment?


Inpatient and residential treatments differ in most senses. When you are being treated inpatient, you are under constant observation of the professionals. Such treatments happen in a secure part of a medical facility. On the other hand, residential treatment, as the name goes, has a more home-like feeling. You are observed frequently but not constantly. It is also in a comfortable residential environment. 


When is residential treatment necessary?


Residential treatment is necessary when a chronic mental condition reaches higher severity. If you have developed serious symptoms of substance abuse, you may need proper detox therapy under constant observation. It ensures that you do not relapse while going through the treatment process. 


What is the difference between residential care and foster care?


Foster care refers to a private setting in a family home. These homes have foster parents who get an allowance for foster children but are not paid workers. On the other hand, residential care facilities have paid staff and are in a more institutionalized setting. It is more expensive to operate and offer a number of professional services.

Residential Addiction Treatment Program at The Retreat of Atlanta

Get Started on your Residential Addiction Treatment Program at The Retreat of Atlanta Drug Detox & Rehab Center

We will teach you safe coping skills that will help you maintain long-term sobriety in our residential recovery treatment services at The Retreat of Atlanta. Our mission is the same as yours: to help you live a safe, happier life free of the addiction that has held you captive for so long. As you work through our substance abuse treatment programs at our sober-living residential rehab in GA, you will be able to address the root causes of your addiction. Some of the programs we offer at The Retreat of Atlanta include:


  • Men’s detox program
  • Women’s detox program
  • Alcohol detox program
  • Drug detox program
  • Heroin detox program
  • Opioid detox program
In addition, we have extensive aftercare, which includes an alumni network. Contact The Retreat of Atlanta when you’re ready to get your life back on track. We look forward to hearing from you online or by phone at 762-366-0100. This is where the future begins.
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The Retreat of Atlanta Staff and patients follow the CDC guidelines for wearing a mask, hand washing regularly, and social distancing in all aspects of treatment. Patients and staff are confidentially tested if CDC signs/symptoms/temperature are present. We practice strict preventative measures.