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Do You Struggle with Substance Abuse Rehab in Georgia?

Substance abuse, whether it includes narcotics or alcohol, is a significant condition that needs medical care. You can tell yourself that you can “leave at any moment,” but recovering from violence is much too difficult to do on your own. The majority of the time, recovery and rehab begin with a stay in a drug rehabilitation center. That is why The Retreat of Atlanta has a medical detox center in our Atlanta Georgia facility.

Substance abuse problems involving drugs or alcohol are an epidemic that affects people all over the world. They have infiltrated society at all levels, regardless of income, age, race, or location. The scope of the issue is exacerbated by the fact that it includes a wide range of substances, each with its own set of characteristics.

And it’s an issue that goes beyond the borders of the United States. According to the World Health Organization, 275 million people used drugs in some way or another in 2016.

Despite those alarming figures, there is cause to be optimistic. Treatment for drugs and alcohol has aided a large number of individuals. A stay in a drug and alcohol detox center is usually the first step in treatment.

When Do You Get Help?

How do you know when to seek help?  That’s difficult for a person to answer about themselves. Drugs and alcohol have an impact on your brain that affects your ability to make sound decisions and judgments. It’s difficult to see yourself critically when you’re addicted to drugs. However, there are several signs to look out for that indicate it’s time to go to a medical or drug detox center. There are some of them:

  • Creating a life that revolves around drugs or alcohol
  • Drastic changes in your physical or mental wellbeing 
  • Despite promising to stop or restrict your use, you are unable to do so
  • Taking uncharacteristic risks, such as breaking the law to obtain drugs or alcohol
  • An increase in tolerance

If you notice any of these in yourself or someone close to you, it’s time to seek support. Seek out a specialist detox facility inside a residential drug recovery program for a consultation.

Going to a Medical Detox Treatment Center

There are several signs that an individual is struggling with alcohol abuse.  They come out in behaviors and physical signs that can be seen by those closest to them.  The following are some of the signs of alcohol abuse:

  • Problems with work, school, or family stemming from drinking.
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Failed attempts to stop or cut back on alcohol consumption.
  • Continuing to drink despite the negative impact alcohol has on your life.
  • Isolation and depression.
  • Drinking alcohol to feel better.
  • Becoming ill when unable to drink alcohol.

If an individual has experienced these signs in their life, there is a good chance they suffer from alcohol use disorder.  When an alcoholic individual wants to stop or limit their consumption of alcohol and cannot do so on their own, it is time to seek help.  The Retreat of Atlanta offers alcohol detox in Georgia at their inpatient drug and alcohol detox center located in Eatonton, Georgia.

Medical Detox Rehab Center at The Retreat of Atlanta

When it comes to recovery and rehab, the first move is the most difficult: admitting you need support. However, once you’ve decided it’s time to fix your addiction, you can take advantage of local opioid recovery and rehab services. The Retreat of Atlanta  and our skilled workers will be there for you when you go through this difficult time.

Our mission is the same as yours: to assist you in safely ending your drug abuse and returning to a life of hope and promise based on sobriety. We’ll create a comprehensive recovery plan that involves detox, therapy, and aftercare using the most up-to-date evidence-based care strategies. Begin your journey right now. Contact The Retreat of Atlanta today by calling us at 762-366-0100 to get started on your treatment.
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The Retreat of Atlanta Staff and patients follow the CDC guidelines for wearing a mask, hand washing regularly, and social distancing in all aspects of treatment. Patients and staff are confidentially tested if CDC signs/symptoms/temperature are present. We practice strict preventative measures.