Unmanageability and Recovery

Unmanageability. What exactly does it mean? What causes it? Unfortunately, those who have experienced it know that it is more than merely just a symptom of addiction. Unmanageability is sometimes the reason why many people start to self-medicate and become addicted in the first place.


Unmanageability is the feeling of losing control over your own life and can cause many a person to turn to prescription medications, drugs, or alcohol to mask the overwhelming symptoms and feelings of unmanageability.


All too often this leads to addiction and the uncontrollable urge to continue using these coping mechanisms, thus leading to more unmanageability and an even stronger addiction.


At the end of the day, there is no end if you don’t seek help as soon as possible. The fact is that unmanageability causes people to take harmful substances to try and hide the symptoms that they are experiencing when they feel that they are losing control of their lives.


At The Retreat of Atlanta, our goal is to place you in the best facility possible so that you can heal and find long-term healing from both unmanageability and addiction through to recovery.


In this article, we will discuss the signs of unmanageability, how to come to terms with it and accept the problem and how to fight back and regain your life.

The Signs of Unmanageability and Addiction

There are various ways to tell if you are battling with unmanageability. Some sure signs can include the following feeling, types of behavior, and emotions:

Our team at The Retreat of Atlanta is here to represent you. Our mission is to assist you in overcoming the challenges or roadblocks that you can encounter during your early recovery.


Although dealing with some problems alone can be overwhelming, our team can work with you on legal, financial, technical, or other issues. We will assist you in thriving during your early recovery.

Unmanageability and Recovery: Fighting Back

It’s time to fight back. At the Retreat of Atlanta, we realize that the first step to recovery is admitting that you are powerless over your addiction and that your life has become unmanageable.


This can be incredibly challenging for most people to admit, as naturally, people do not want to share the fact that they have lost the ability to manage their own lives.


Although it may at the end of the day be liberating to confess that you have a problem there is a lot of shame and stigma in society surrounding alcohol and drug abuse. Sadly, this is why most addicts are reluctant to admit that they have a problem.


To admit that you have lost control you need to take a step back.  Look at your life from an outsider’s shoes. Are you proud of the fact that you cannot hold down a job? Does it make you happy that your family has left you? If it were not for the negative stigma attached to your addiction would you be more likely to admit that you have a problem?

The Steps to Recovery

Unmanageability does not only stem from drugs and alcohol, but your life can also feel unmanageable even on the days when you are sober. Unfortunately, the substance is just a symptom of unmanageability and the underlying reasons need to be found and treated.


It is time to let go of the stigma that is so often associated with drug and alcohol abuse and admit to yourself and others that your life has become unmanageable. Nobody can do this but you. The time is now and the more you hesitate, the more you are going to lose control.

The theory behind the recovery steps is that the first move is to admit the problem, to accept that one cannot control their drinking or drug use and that their life has gotten out of control as a result of substance use.


Once you have admitted to yourself that you have lost control of your own life then you are ready to take the steps and make the changes needed to regain your life and conquer unmanageability while maintaining long-term recovery.

Embracing and Accepting The First Step to Recovery

You have successfully made the first step towards recovery and you have admitted that you have become powerless to control the hold that unmanageability, alcohol, and drugs have had on your life.


Recovery means regaining the power to take control of your own life and learning how to make your life manageable without having to turn to alcohol or drugs.

Recovery after Acceptance

It is important to remember that once you have stopped using drugs or alcohol that this doesn’t mean that your problems are solved. Most people who suffer from unmanageability have underlying feelings of anxiety, insecurity, sadness, and low self-esteem.


Unfortunately, if these feelings are not dealt with properly drinking and drugs may seem like the only way in which to control these feelings again even if you have managed to stay sober for a while.


To recover fully you need to heal any underlying issues and negative thought processes as well as the behaviors that are associated with them. Releasing yourself from the trap that you find yourself in and admitting that you have deep routed underlying issues is one of the first steps to change your life for good.


Recovery takes time. Putting down the drink or stopping the drugs are just the first step to recovery. This is, however, an important step as recovery can only start once you have cleared your head and body of the toxic substances that you think are helping you to cope with unmanageability.


The Retreat of Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Detox Rehab Center offers a supportive environment that holds compassion and effective treatment as its core principles. We offer a safe, comfortable medical detox from alcohol, opiates, and other substances. We are also highly experienced in covering dual diagnosis cases too.


As a top-notch Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, The Retreat of Atlanta Drug and Alcohol Detox Rehab Centre in Eatonton, GA is your safe zone, your gateway to reformation, and a life free from the chains of addiction.


“We admitted we were powerless over our addiction- that our lives had become unmanageable.” – Alcoholics Anonymous

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