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Do You Struggle with Meth Addiction in Georgia?

Methadone is an opioid drug that is widely used as a pain reliever and in the treatment of opiate addiction. While methadone is used to treat opiate addiction medically, it also has the potential for misuse and addiction. Long-term consequences of methadone use include prolonged withdrawal symptoms, with some people reporting severe pain.

Individuals with methadone addiction experience opiate withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, agitation, heightened anxiety, body aches, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, chills, and insomnia if they do not receive methadone detox care. Individuals who may be suffering from methadone abuse or dependency should seek clinical help immediately.

The Retreat of Atlanta offers a methadone recovery program that is tailored to each individual’s needs, allowing them to comfortably recover from methadone with minimal side effects. Our qualified medical staff works to treat and assist each person according to their individual needs, from the initial health evaluation to the completion of the detoxification phase. All of our patients are provided with the supportive and tranquil atmosphere required for a safe and stable recovery, as well as 24/7 treatment and support from our nursing, clinical, and mental health staff. Specific substance abuse therapists are allocated to each person so that they can work on their own recovery and aftercare plans.

Meth Detox Center

Meth addiction is one of its most prominent features. It often hooks people into physical dependency very quickly after they start using it. Since the drug is addictive, it causes a slew of withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, exhaustion, depression, and extreme cravings.

To ensure that withdrawal symptoms do not cause more damage, you must carefully monitor them. A meth rehab center serves this function. Doctors and nurses will closely observe your withdrawal while you are in the center to ensure that you are as secure and healthy as possible. You won’t start your meth detox until you’ve had a full medical and psychological examination.

Coping with Meth Detox and Aftercare

Detox is just the beginning of the opioid addiction recovery process, not the end. After you’ve washed the meth out of your system, you’ll begin therapy with a therapist, both personally and in a group setting. Given the effects of addiction on the family unit, your family could become involved as well. Counseling has two goals: to help you understand the forces that have taken you to this stage and to work with you closely to build better coping skills.

As a graduate of a substance abuse recovery facility, you move on to aftercare following therapy. This is a critical point in your rehabilitation. In the first year after leaving therapy, a high percentage of people relapse. Aftercare plans usually provide 12-step anonymous type peer support services as well as techniques for preventing relapse.

Meth Detox at The Retreat of Atlanta Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive substance that jeopardizes your wellbeing, protection, and liberty. As you detox from meth, our meth detox center will assist you with withdrawal symptoms and other side effects. Detox is an important first step on the road to recovery.

Allow The Retreat of Atlanta’s workers to assist you in achieving a future of hope and sobriety. We specialize in the most up-to-date evidence-based addiction medicine and provide care in a setting that prioritizes your convenience, protection, and privacy. If you transition toward a more prosperous future, The Retreat of Atlanta provides a calming atmosphere. Let us assist you in writing the next chapter. Contact us today by calling The Retreat of Atlanta at 762-366-0100.
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