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Individual Therapy Program​

Individual therapy is a type of psychotherapy that takes place between a therapist and a patient. Person counseling programs are enrolled in for a variety of reasons. Individual counseling has a high level of confidentiality. Individual therapy is often used for individuals who have mental illnesses.



This is understandable given that one out of every five people suffers from a psychiatric illness. You may not, however, have to be suffering from a psychiatric illness to enroll in an individual therapy program. Other circumstances may necessitate your participation in such a program, and The Retreat of Atlanta is here to assist you in locating the best program for you.



When Is the Best Time to Enroll in an Individual Therapy Program?

If you have a traumatic incident in your life, your everyday routine will be disrupted. Such incidents may include the death of a loved one, the loss of a career, or even withdrawal symptoms. 



These occurrences may cause an individual extreme or serious distress. Distress may manifest as negative thoughts or behaviors. In other instances, the distress can manifest as bodily sensations such as fatigue.



It is best not to wait for these symptoms to worsen before seeking medical attention. Once you note the signs, see a doctor to determine if you need psychotherapy.

Other indicators that addiction treatment counseling is needed include:


Which Problems Does Individual Therapy Address?

Which Problems Does Individual Therapy Address

This type of therapy will assist you in overcoming any challenge in your life. However, some of these difficulties are more common than others. Here are a few examples:



This is a dilemma that we have all faced at some stage in our lives. Most of the time, we are able to conquer this feeling. It can often confuse us and alter our perspective on life. It makes a person depressed and prone to self-isolation. Talking to a qualified therapist about your stressful issues can assist you in removing this burden from your heart.



What is appropriate as our sexuality is determined by the culture of your society. Individuals who do not fit into this category may feel like outcasts. As a result, members of such a group with different sexual orientations can suppress their emotions. Their mental health suffers as a result of the repression. Individual therapists will assist you in navigating this challenging path.



Family Problems

Our broken families may often push certain members towards mental illness. Particularly when the family environment does not value communication as a means of resolving problems. Individual counseling will help you close this divide and repair your relationships.


Benefits of an Individual Counseling Program

There are many advantages that individual counseling offers such as:

Frequently Asked Question

What is individual mental health therapy?


An individual mental health therapy is a form of psychotherapy where a professional psychotherapist works with a single person and figures out individualized treatment. These forms of therapy help in figuring out the struggles of a person going through addiction and how to tackle those in their everyday life.


Individual therapy differs from group therapy as the latter one involves multiple patients. For a lot of people, individual therapies are better to open up and get treatments.


Who needs individual counseling?


Anyone can benefit from individual counseling if they are facing any issues in life. Such forms of counseling are great for:

Is individual therapy effective?


Individual therapies are quite effective in treating a range of issues. However, statistics show that group therapies are more effective than individual ones. In the end, it is your choice. If opening up in front of other people seems an uncomfortable task, individual therapy may be right for you.


What happens during individual therapy?


An individual therapy program is a very simple process of treatment from the point of view of a patient. You, as a patient, will be opening up to the therapist without being interrupted and judged and the therapist will take notes of your issues, behavior and provide both listening and speaking therapy as well as help you with the problems you are facing by their medical expertise and evidenced based practices.

Individual Therapy Approaches at The Retreat of Atlanta Addiction Treatment Rehab Center

Individual Therapy Approaches at The Retreat of Atlanta Addiction Treatment Rehab Center​

Our residential recovery program in Georgia offers a variety of treatment options. They are as follows:


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