How Long Does Ketamine Stay in Your System?

So, how long does ketamine stay in your system?

Generally, flushing out drugs or any other related substance from the body depends on many factors, and the rules are quite different for different persons.


Generally, it takes an average of eight hours for the body to completely get rid of Ketamine, but that requires a well-hydrated body. 90% of Ketamine can be flushed out through urine, which means that a well-hydrated person will flush out Ketamine quicker than someone who’s not hydrated.


Here are other factors that determine how long Ketamine stays in the system:

Getting rid of Ketamine also depends highly on a person’s metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate, the faster it’ll be to get rid of Ketamin from your system. So those who engage in frequent exercise or involve themselves with hectic schedules will expel Ketamine faster than others.

But What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a medical drug that is administered to patients who suffer from treatment-resistant depression. While this is a medical drug administered to give sedation and pain relief, it can lead to hallucinations at high doses. It can also lead to other forms of mental illness and imbalance like mood swings and out-of-body experiences.


Ketamine can be administered through the veins or the muscles. When taken through intravenous (IV) methods, its effect is noticeable within seconds. And for intramuscular (IM) methods, it takes up to 4 minutes to notice its full effect.


But just like other drug abuse cases, studies show that the continual intake of Ketamine often leads to drug dependency, which is because of the psychological effects of wanting to be in a constant state of euphoria. You should visit a drug rehab center or seek help from a medical professional at the slightest sign of Ketamine abuse.

Ketamine Addiction

There are popular medical opinions about Ketamin not being an addictive drug. But practical findings show that patients who always take in Ketamine often notice their system builds resistance to the drug over time. In that case, they’ll require more dosage of Ketamin to get into that desired state of frenzy or sedation. And the desire for that tipping point always goes them down the road of Ketamin abuse.


Here are some of the symptoms of Ketamine abuse:

How Long Does Ketamine Stay In Your System

Symptoms of Ketamine Addiction

Usually, the first sign of drug addiction is over dependency. And while this may apply differently for different folks, the frequency at which a small dosage gets one intoxicated shows the amount of it in one’s bloodstream. At this stage, Ketamine detox should be the first step of treatment.


Here are other symptoms of Ketamine Addiction:

How long does ketamine stay in your system?

Our Ketamine Detox Program

Medically, the best way to administer Ketamine addiction treatment is to undergo a Ketamine detox. And the Retreat of Atlanta has the best drug rehab facilities to help you through any drug abuse problems.


Our rehab clinic offers a long-lasting Ketamine detox program to help those suffering from Ketamine intoxication. We have trained medical professionals who are always willing to assist in drug abuse treatment and guide you toward complete drug sobriety.


There is no need to suffer from Ketamine withdrawal troubles; the Retreat of Atlanta has long-lasting solutions for you. For families struggling from the effects of drug abuse, we have treatment therapies to help them out. Contact us today for more information about our drug rehab programs.

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