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Group Therapy Program​

A group therapy program is a form of psychotherapy in which people who share similar issues discuss them freely. When we chat about a problem with others, it is always easier to solve it. Furthermore, it is more beneficial to have someone to speak to who understands the difficulties. You benefit twice as much from such individuals. They provide you with a shoulder to lean on at those critical times. 



At the same time, the fact that these people are in the same position as you gives you comfort that you are never alone in your struggles. This is what the community therapy program does with patients suffering from the same conditions. We provide this group atmosphere at The Retreat of Atlanta to help you solve your mental health issues and provide drug recovery therapies.



The Role of Group Therapy

Group therapy services play two critical roles in a patient’s healing process. What are the result and procedure objectives. Aside from the two goals, group counseling has other purposes.

The behavioral improvements that the patient wishes to make as a result of the psychotherapy session are referred to as outcome objectives. The patient will benefit from the counseling session by listening to the perspectives of others. Patients should then change their actions based on the experiences of others to aid in their rehabilitation.

During counseling sessions, the process aims are to consider the patients’ personal concerns. When patients have enough patience and listening ears, they will air their grievances. Talking about the problems aids in the healing process.


By offering positive feedback channels, group therapy also assists patients in coping with emotional difficulties. Through the provision of a forum where participants can express common emotions, the program alleviates feelings of isolation and alienation among members.


Group Therapy Program Principles

The Retreat of Atlanta in Georgia has a collection of values that guide our group therapy program. These dictate how the patient and our Retreat of Atlanta workers communicate. The aim of these principles is to maximize the profit to all parties involved in the session. Among the values are:


Benefits of Group Therapy

Benefits of Group Therapy​

A group therapy treatment can provide the following advantages:

Frequently Asked Question

Who Needs Group Therapy?


People who struggle with socializing and communicating with others can get benefited greatly from group therapies. By listening to other people with similar issues, you can learn a lot and become more self-aware. No judgment and criticism are passed onto others during these sessions and professional therapists present there help patients and guide them through the recovery process.


Group therapy can be excellent for people with addiction, ADHD, depression, PTSD, phobias, and a range of mental disorders. Learning other people’s experiences while going through a proper mental health treatment is the primary process of group therapies.


Why You Need a Group Therapy Program?


While seeking treatment for mental health disorders, you may need to choose from individual treatment or group therapies. If you are struggling with social skills, group therapies can be a great place to be comfortable around others as there is no judgment from anyone. Moreover, group therapies have been proven to be more effective than individual programs and you are able to learn about others’ experiences and share yours as well.


What Happens in a Group Therapy Program?


Before a group therapy session occurs, a mental health professional communicates with the patient to learn about their conditions and deduct whether or not group therapy is a suitable option for them. After that, members sit in a private room and start opening up to each other.


During these sessions, no one is forced to go out of their comfort and share secrets. Counselors are also present in the session to give valuable input that can help people learn to cope and handle their addiction problems and mental disorders.


What is the main purpose of group therapy?


The main purpose of group therapy is to connect patients with each other in order to get the most positive results. Such therapies aim to do a proper assessment of each patient and teach them the necessary life skills and coping mechanisms.

The Retreat of Atlanta's Program

In Georgia, we have a comprehensive community therapy program. There are several treatment plans available to help patients deal with as little pain as possible. Some of the services are as follows:


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