Crystal Meth Detox in Atlanta

Crystal meth is a highly addictive drug that can consequently cause long-term health and psychological issues. If you or a loved one is addicted to crystal meth, drug treatment programs can help you avoid the severe negative side effects of addiction. Crystal meth detox at the Retreat of Atlanta, Georgia is the first step in recovery from crystal meth addiction.

What is Crystal Meth?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), crystal meth is a “powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system.” To add to this description, crystal meth comes in the form of glass-like fragments or bluish-white rocks. Likewise, crystal meth has similar effects to other stimulant drugs, particularly amphetamines.

Amphetamines are prescription stimulants used to treat attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. In fact, all drugs classified as stimulants, like Adderall, cocaine, and crystal meth, increase brain activity in users. Therefore, stimulant drugs are often abused for the euphoric effects, like feeling invulnerable or highly energetic. Because of this, crystal meth is much more potent than prescription stimulants and can lead to addiction after the first use.

Crystal meth is used in a few different ways, including swallowing, smoking, snorting, or injecting. To further explain, each method of use can influence the type of high the user experiences. In addition, these methods can create variations in adverse side effects and symptoms of crystal meth abuse.

Consequences of Crystal Meth Abuse

Crystal meth abuse can lead to several short and long-term effects. Thus, short-term effects of the drug wear off after a person stops using the drug. However, as an effect of use, the short-term effects lead to an unpleasant “crash,” creating a need to continue using crystal meth.

Short-term effects of crystal meth include:

Crystal meth can cause additional damage after long-term use. Even more, mental health and physical side effects become more pronounced when you abuse crystal meth frequently.

Long-term effects of crystal meth include:

Nevertheless, if you or a loved one shows any of these or other symptoms, the Retreat of Atlanta can help you through the detox and rehabilitation process.

The Process of Crystal Meth Detox

The process of crystal meth detox involves managing withdrawal symptoms after you stop using crystal meth. To be more specific, stimulant drugs like crystal meth cause users to experience an unpleasant crash following their high. Due to the high potency of crystal meth compared to other stimulants, the crash from a crystal meth high can be incredibly unpleasant.

Undoubtedly, during medically-assisted crystal meth detox, you can manage withdrawal symptoms in a safe and supportive environment. Thus, your symptoms can vary depending on your overall state of health and the specifics of your addiction.

Additionally, factors that influence the severity of withdrawal during detox include:

Nevertheless, at a professional, inpatient detox facility, you can manage these symptoms with 24/7 supervision to attend to your physical health and psychological needs. Sometimes, the severity of withdrawal symptoms can be a mystery to you. Therefore, it is best to seek professional support instead of trying to detox on your own at home.

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

Crystal meth withdrawal symptoms will mimic the “crash” that many users experience after coming down from the effects. In fact, these unpleasant feelings additionally cause many users to relapse when attempting to quit in order to avoid withdrawal.

Crystal meth withdrawal symptoms include:

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Timeline

Crystal meth withdrawal typically occurs along the following timeline:

Your timeline of symptoms can vary based on the nature of your addiction. As a note of importance, symptoms can also last longer if you have underlying physical or mental health conditions before detox. Often, people become addicted to drugs to deal with symptoms of mental health conditions. When you detox, your mental health symptoms could come back. Despite this, however, entering an inpatient or outpatient rehab program following detox can help you learn healthy ways to deal with these underlying mental health symptoms.

Can I Detox From Crystal Meth Cold Turkey?

First off, detoxing from crystal meth “cold turkey” is not recommended for many reasons. When people attempt to quit drugs or alcohol “cold turkey,” they usually refuse support or help from others. In other words, without support, you are more likely to relapse or experience adverse physical withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient detox  facilities can help, hence providing the following benefits:

Fortunately, crystal meth detox at an inpatient facility offers you the best outcomes as you begin your lifelong journey of recovery.

Medications Used During Crystal Meth Detox

Unlike opioid and alcohol addiction, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have any approved medications specifically for crystal meth detox. However, some medications can help ease withdrawal symptoms during detox or treat co-occurring mental health symptoms for example.

For example, medications for crystal meth detox include:

At this time, your treatment team will assess whether or not medications are appropriate for you during detox. In most cases though, withdrawal symptoms from crystal meth are not life-threatening and medications are not needed. To add, most people can successfully detox from crystal meth with the support, structure, and safety of an inpatient detox facility.

Does Insurance Cover Crystal Meth Detox?

Since substance abuse treatment is considered a vital health benefit, most insurance carriers cover some or all of the cost for crystal meth detox and treatment. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing mental disease. Therefore, it makes sense that crystal meth detox is  a medical necessity due to the negative health consequences of addiction.

In addition, many treatment facilities often offer payment plans for those with partial or no insurance coverage for detox. Contact the Retreat of Atlanta for more information on insurance coverage and payment options.

Crystal Meth Detox in Atlanta, GA

Crystal meth detox is the first step in recovery from meth addiction. If you or a loved one struggles with crystal meth addiction, the Retreat of Atlanta, Georgia is here to help. Give yourself a fighting chance to beat addiction. Contact us today or visit our admissions page to begin crystal meth detox and rehab today.

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