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Detox In Savannah, GA

Detox allows individuals to enter addiction treatment free of all toxins and mind-altering substances. Though unpleasant withdrawal symptoms surface during detox, this step is necessary for a successful recovery. However, it is not always easy to choose the right detox program and many struggle to know what to look for.

Therefore, it is important for individuals to become educated on the types of detox centers in Savannah, Georgia. As such, they can find a reputable facility that best suits their needs and circumstances.

Do I Need to Go to Detox?

When individuals detox at home or alone, they are at a greater risk of medical complications, psychological distress, and relapse. As such, it is always recommended that people undergo withdrawals at a qualified detox facility. There, professional staff members monitor them 24/7 in order to ensure they remain as stable and comfortable as possible. Furthermore, those in a detox program often receive specific medications to help reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms.

If a person is unsure of whether or not they need detox, or what happens during detox, they can discuss their situation with their doctor. Since the physician knows the individual’s background and health history, they can provide further insight. Clear indicators a person will benefit from professional detox at 1 of our detox centers in Savannah, Georgia include:

  • Their addiction is severe.
  • They have received treatment before and relapsed.
  • The environment they live in is not conducive to recovery.
  • They are in poor health physically and/or mentally.
  • Their friends and family are not supportive or are negative influences.
  • They are highly susceptible to triggers.

Types of Detox Centers in Savannah, GA

Those seeking a detox program often wonder what type of facility best suits their needs. Additionally, they may also wonder which facility is best for their circumstances, and financial situation. In accordance with The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), there are 3 types of detox facilities/care levels.

These include:

Acute Hospital

Treatment takes place in a general or psychiatric hospital. What is more, it is ideal for those who are battling severe addiction, require extensive medical care, or are at a high risk of complications. Lastly, within this clinical setting, individuals undergo a medically-managed detox while being constantly monitored by nursing staff.

Medically-Monitored Inpatient

Taking place in a center dedicated solely to detox, this type of treatment offers a high level of support and structure. While there, individuals stay on-site and receive consistent medical attention.

Residential Detox Centers in Savannah, GA

This type of setting is similar to medically-monitored inpatient detox. However, individuals reside in a traditional rehab facility. There, they typically receive a combination of medication-assisted treatment, therapies, and holistic interventions.

It is important to note there are further distinctions in facility type. For example, some detox centers in Savannah, Georgia are privately owned. On the other hand, other facilities receive funding from the public or the government. Though these are historically cheaper and are a good option for people without medical insurance, they generally suffer from a lack of funding.

As a result, these centers tend to be more crowded. In fact, they have little to no amenities and offer a small amount of one-on-one attention. However, privately-owned facilities such as The Retreat of Atlanta are able to provide detox programs tailored to each client’s needs and expert team members. As a result, they have an overall higher quality of care. Additionally, most of the major insurance carriers cover private detox services at least partially.

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What to Expect at Detox Centers in Savannah, GA

For the most part, clients spend around 7 to 14 days in detox. Additionally, 3 days is the minimum amount of time facilities usually require. The exact length and severity of withdrawal symptoms depend on the type of drug(s) a person takes, how long they have been taking it, and how frequently. In order to set individuals up for the best chance at a successful recovery, most facilities adhere to a similar program structure. Overall, detox centers in Savannah generally break medically-monitored detox programs into 3 steps.

These include:


This initial step allows the center to understand the patient on a more in-depth level. During the evaluation process, a patient’s medical history is examined while tests are run. To add, this occurs in order to better understand their current health and the amount/types of drugs in their system. Furthermore, patients are evaluated for co-occurring mental health conditions at this time.


This essential part of detox ensures that a patient gets through the process as safely and smoothly as possible. Beneficial medications are part of this step as they help with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, thus reducing relapse. Additionally, patients often receive counseling at this time in order to set them up for a lasting recovery.

Further Treatment

Once the detox process has ended, patients are guided towards committing to a formal rehabilitation program. This way, they maintain their sobriety while taking the time to heal and grow as a person.

Benefits of Medically-Managed Detox

Overall, 1 vital benefit of medically-managed detox is the program can set patients up for a happy, drug-free future. Additional benefits of detox centers in Savannah, Georgia include the following:

Highly Qualified Staff

When in a creditable detox program, patients get the support and guidance of both medical and addiction experts. As such, team members are always there to monitor patients and help keep them comfortable.

Nurturing Environment

A person’s environment is a major factor in their recovery. By detoxing away from outside influences and triggers, patients can fully focus on getting sober.

Medical Interventions

Due to the dangerous nature of withdrawal symptoms, it is important patients have access to medical care. This way, any issues that may arise are quickly and effectively resolved.

Symptom Management

Ranging from vomiting and headaches to hallucinations and seizures, the side effects of withdrawal are unpleasant. However, symptom management techniques such as medication-assisted treatment help to reduce the severity of withdrawal. As well, they can make cravings more manageable.

Peer Bonding

At centers such as The Retreat of Atlanta, individuals may participate in group therapy. There, they are able to make connections with those who understand their situation.


Detox centers want patients to not only get clean but stay clean. For this reason, most provide extensive aftercare programming, including drug testing and treatment referrals.

detox centers in savannah, GA

Detox Centers in Savannah, GA

Stop letting your addiction control your life; get help today. At Retreat of Atlanta, we offer gender-specific detox programs for a variety of substances. Furthermore, we provide treatment services such as individual therapy and family counseling. Additionally, we offer traditional services like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and group therapy. It’s time to start working towards a better tomorrow.

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