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Substance use disorder can spiral a person’s world into chaos. Knowing where to turn in such a trying time can be difficult. Fortunately, the Retreat Of Atlanta is here to help. By offering our services and detox near Columbus, Georgia, we seek to give people the tools necessary to reclaim their freedom from dependency.

The first step of our process is to help those struggling with addiction to get through the detox process comfortably. Next, treatment can begin. Through this process, we teach our clients how to continue recovery and live a life of lasting sobriety they can be proud of.

detox columbus ga

Addiction Statistics in Columbus

Set along the Chattahoochee river and bordering the state of Alabama, Columbus is a haven for outdoor lovers. Home to the world’s longest urban whitewater course and boasting a host of quaint restaurants and shops in its downtown area, it is no surprise that 200,000 people call Columbus home.

Sadly, as with any city, Columbus is no stranger to the tribulations of substance use disorder. As the opioid epidemic continues to sweep across the nation, Columbus has, unfortunately, felt the full force of its effects. According to wtvm.com, between 2016 and 2017, Columbus saw its number of opioid overdose cases increase from 26 to 57. Since 2017, Columbus has seen a steady rise in opioid abuse and cases of opioid overdose. Additionally, the fentanyl crisis has made the situation even more dire.

According to columbusga.gov, fentanyl deaths in Georgia are up 160% since 2020 began. With the drug continuing to wreak havoc across the country, there is no sign that this tragedy will end anytime soon. For this reason, medically-supervised detox in Columbus can save lives, and help give a person a second chance.

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