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Do You Struggle with Alcohol Abuse in Georgia?

An alcohol detox center can help you break away from alcohol dependency. Alcohol abuse can lead to serious health complications. As well as, have far-reaching social implications for those who have problems with their drinking. When drinking becomes unmanageable for an individual, its effects tend to bleed into their personal lives. It can negatively impact their attendance or performance at their place of work, it can affect the relationships of those closest to them. Eventually a physical dependency to alcohol can develop. This is where the individual needs alcohol in their body just to function normally. 

Alcoholism occurs over time as it is a progressive disease. Beyond the impact on family and employment, the health risks for alcohol abuse can be costly. Long-term alcohol abuse can cause liver damage, raise the risk of heart and stroke, as well as damage to the esophagus of the alcohol addicted individual. Despite these hazards, many individuals with alcohol use disorder cannot seem to stop consuming alcohol. They require assistance in the form of professional intervention and the help of clinicians.  

When an individual becomes physically dependent upon alcohol, they cannot safely stop on their own. This is due to the potentially fatal nature of alcohol withdrawals. Alcohol-addicted individuals require a medically supervised inpatient drug and alcohol detox facility to ensure healthy stabilization during the alcohol detox process. Once an individual is able to stabilize from the physical dependency of alcohol, they can begin to work on the underlying aspects of their alcoholism and work towards long-term sobriety from alcohol.

Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal and The Need for Alcohol Detox.

The symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal can be life-threatening and potentially fatal. Medical supervision is needed for those individuals struggling with alcohol abuse who wish to stop drinking. Any attempt for the alcohol dependent to stop drinking on their own could result in a fatal outcome. It is for this reason that admission to an inpatient drug and alcohol medical detox is necessary to properly go through the withdrawal process. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular and rapid pulse
  • Insomnia
  • Confusion
  • Seizures
  • Delirium Tremens (a condition that includes – hallucinations, tremors, delusions, possible seizures)

The Retreat of Atlanta offers a medical alcohol detox program in Georgia that will ensure a positive outcome for those looking to break free from the physical dependency that alcohol addiction holds over them.

What are the Signs of Alcohol Abuse?

There are several signs that an individual is struggling with alcohol abuse.  They come out in behaviors and physical signs that can be seen by those closest to them.  The following are some of the signs of alcohol abuse:

  • Problems with work, school, or family stemming from drinking.
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Failed attempts to stop or cut back on alcohol consumption.
  • Continuing to drink despite the negative impact alcohol has on your life.
  • Isolation and depression.
  • Drinking alcohol to feel better.
  • Becoming ill when unable to drink alcohol.

If an individual has experienced these signs in their life, there is a good chance they suffer from alcohol use disorder.  When an alcoholic individual wants to stop or limit their consumption of alcohol and cannot do so on their own, it is time to seek help.  The Retreat of Atlanta offers alcohol detox in Georgia at their inpatient drug and alcohol detox center located in Eatonton, Georgia.

Alcohol Detox and Addiction Treatment at The Retreat of Atlanta

The Retreat of Atlanta drug and alcohol detox facility offers Alcohol Addiction Treatment for those individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse. While individuals stay at the Medical Detox offered at the Retreat of Atlanta, they will experience a serene and restful detox process under the care of our medical and nursing staff. The Retreat of Atlanta is staffed 24/7 by professionals trained and experienced in alcohol detox and addiction treatment. The care team at the inpatient drug and alcohol medical detox will lessen any discomfort the alcohol addicted individual will feel as they are weaned off their alcohol dependency.

The Individual Therapy Program and the Group Therapy Program will teach alcohol-addicted individuals how to identify triggers, cope with cravings, develop a relapse prevention plan, and understand the underlying conditions behind their addiction to alcohol. Once an individual can understand the contributing factors behind their alcohol abuse, they will be able to take steps to prevent relapse and maintain long-term sobriety. 

The alcohol detox offered at the Retreat of Atlanta gives individuals the resources needed to enable individuals to achieve a full recovery from alcohol abuse.

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