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The Benefits Of Holistic Therapy In Addiction Recovery

Over the last decade, addiction recovery holistic therapy has become more common in the US. Holistic therapy focuses on many parts of a person, rather than only a single part of their life. By looking at a person as a whole, holistic therapy allows those seeking treatment to feel more complete and ready to take on life’s challenges. With holistic therapy, one gives themselves another treatment tool to combat their addiction. 

What is Addiction Recovery Holistic Therapy?

Addiction recovery holistic therapy focuses on the overall wellness of a person during the recovery process. Holistic therapies heal the mind and body by focusing on more than just the single addiction factors. Emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health practices are all vital in holistic treatment. Only when all four areas are attended to can a person expect to feel complete throughout the recovery process. There are many key aspects that most holistic therapy programs adhere to.

Examples of these treatments for holistic therapy include the following:

  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Nutritional therapies 
  • Massage
  • Meditation or yoga
  • Biofeedback
  • Herbal medicines
  • Equestrian therapies 

Benefits of Addiction Recovery Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy in addiction recovery can have a host of positive benefits that can make one’s recovery journey easier. By focusing on a person as a whole, addiction recovery holistic therapy leaves a person feeling more complete and well-rounded after treatment. 

While many therapeutic practices focus strictly on addiction, holistic therapy helps get to the root cause of the addiction itself. Thus, holistic therapy gives a client the chance to course correct many parts of their lives that may not be going well. By addressing these unique areas, one can better seal off avenues where addiction could return to one’s life later on down the road. Healing completely and finding the root causes of addiction can help give a person a better chance at a successful and long-lasting recovery. They also learn positive habits that last a lifetime.

Individualized Treatment

One of addiction recovery holistic therapy’s main benefits is individualized treatment. While some treatment programs focus on a more group-centered type of setting, holistic therapy focuses on a person’s unique needs. This allows one to really step back and analyze their own life, their decisions, and how they want to change for the better.

Peer Support

Having a group of people who can relate to one’s struggle and understand just what someone is going through can be very helpful. Holistic therapy provides peer support to help build a sense of community and belonging. Peer support is a great tool in recovery, as well as a source of positivity and motivation. 

Relapse Prevention

Addiction recovery holistic therapy can help a person to maintain their sobriety after detox and prevent future relapse. By focusing on all areas of a person’s life, holistic therapy seeks to plug any holes that could, later on, trigger a relapse.

Improved Health (Mental and Physical)

As a whole, holistic therapy is often praised as offering many positive benefits. Generally making the recovery process easier, it is no surprise that more people continue to turn to the holistic approach. Mental and physical health can both see great benefits from holistic therapy, as the mind and body thrive in harmony.

Addresses Underlying Mental Health Issues

Holistic therapy in addiction recovery focuses on treating the causes of addiction. Therefore, it can help a person get to the bottom of what drives their addiction. Often, this can help people come face to face with mental health disorders that may not have gotten the care needed through other therapies. This is just another reason why holistic therapy can be so helpful in ways that traditional therapy cannot be.

Addiction Recovery Holistic Therapy is Not For Everyone

While helpful, holistic therapy may not be for everyone. Some people need more intense or focused care and would benefit more from programs directed specifically at certain disorders. Discussing options for treatment with your doctor is the best way to develop a safe and effective treatment plan to put you on the right track to success. By exploring your treatment options, you give yourself the best chance of a successful and lasting recovery. 

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