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addiction recovery holistic therapy
Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The Benefits Of Holistic Therapy In Addiction Recovery

Over the last decade, addiction recovery holistic therapy has become more common in the US. Holistic therapy focuses on many parts of a person, rather than only a single part of their life. By looking at a person as a whole, holistic therapy allows those seeking treatment to feel more

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man experiences symptoms of cocaine withdrawal

What Are The Symptoms Of Cocaine Withdrawal?

Over the course of the past 15 years, cocaine use has risen sharply in the United States. With an estimated 5 million Americans using cocaine each year, the drug has found its way into more and more homes. Wreaking havoc on the mind and body, cocaine is a dangerous narcotic

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can you get addicted to molly
Drug Addiction

Can You Get Addicted To Molly?

Over the past two decades, the drug known as Molly has exploded in popularity. Also called the party drug “MDMA” or “Ecstasy,” Molly is a controlled substance derived from elements of cocaine, MDMA, and even methamphetamine. Popularized through pop culture and made widely available through clubbing and music scenes, Molly

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The Retreat of Atlanta Staff and patients follow the CDC guidelines for wearing a mask, hand washing regularly, and social distancing in all aspects of treatment. Patients and staff are confidentially tested if CDC signs/symptoms/temperature are present. We practice strict preventative measures.